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Cinder or Foreign Substance in the Eye

Category: Xii Accidents

As a rule all that is necessary to remove "something" in your eye is to
take the eyelashes of the upper lid between your thumb and forefinger
and pull the lid down over the lower one. The lower lashes thus shut in,
combined with the tears that flood the eye, will clean the eye in most

If the cinder or other substance is embedded in the upper lid, roll back
the lid over a match (the sulphur end taken off), then moisten a corner
of a handkerchief and with it remove the cinder. If this treatment does
not avail and the substance cannot be removed, put a drop of olive-oil
in the eye, close it and cover with a soft bandage, then go to a
physician. _Do not put anything stiff or hard into the eye._

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