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Check List of Kitchen Utensils

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Two dish-pans, one for piping-hot sudsy water for
washing dishes, the other for scalding-hot rinsing
water. The last pan can also be used for mixing
and bread-making. Select pans strong and of light
weight--canvas, aluminum, or tin--and be sure they
nest or fold.

Two water-pails, fitted one within the other, both
light weight.

One coffee-pot, size to fit in pails, must not be
too high. Cocoa can be made in the coffee-pot.

One frying-pan, for corn-dodgers, flapjacks, fried
mush, eggs, etc.

One folding camp-oven, for hot biscuits, bread
puddings, and many other good things relished by
hungry campers.

One wash-basin, to be kept strictly for washing
hands, when cooking.

One large spoon, for stirring and general use.

One kitchen-knife, suitable for cutting bread,
carving meat, turning pancakes, etc.

One kitchen-fork, strong and big, but not a

One Dutch oven pot, a strong seamless pot with
cover, to use for baking, boiling, and stewing.

Three dish-towels, washed after every meal.

One dish mop or cloth, washed and dried after each
meal; dry in sun when possible.

Four large cakes of soap.

One thick holder, for lifting pots. Hang this up
in a certain place where it may always be found
when needed.

One pepper and one salt shaker, small and light in

One net air-bag, for meat, fish, and anything that
must be kept fresh (Fig. 33) and protected from
the flies. Use strong net and two or more hoops
for the air-bag. With pincers you can twist the
two ends of strong wire together and make the
hoops of size large enough to hold the net out
away from a large piece of meat. Cut the net long
enough to stand above and hang below the meat.
Gather the top edge tightly together and sew it
fast; then sew the hoop near the top of the bag.
Other hoops on either side of centre of bag and a
hoop near bottom of bag, or sew only one hoop at
the top and one at the bottom. Have strong
draw-strings in the bottom of the bag, and fasten
a pendent hook at the top to hold the meat hanging
free inside of the bag. With copper wire attach a
good-sized ring on top of the bag, wire it through
the handle of the pendent hook and weld them
together. When in use, the bag should be suspended
high from the ground by means of a rope pulley run
through the top ring and over the limb of a
near-by tree. Similar air-bags can be obtained, if
desired, from camp-outfitters.

When selecting cooking utensils for the camp, you will find those with
detachable handles pack better and for that reason are desirable.

Do not forget that every check-list given may be reduced; don't think
you must include all the items. For these lists give outfits for
permanent as well as temporary camps. If you can manage with _one towel_
by washing it every day, or evening, allowing it to dry during the
night, one towel will be sufficient; leave the others at home. Drop
from the various lists every article you can possibly dispense with and
still be comfortable in camp.

If you wear the camp suit travelling from home to camp, its weight and
bulk will be omitted from your camp pack, and be so much to your gain,
and you will maintain a good appearance notwithstanding, for if well
made and of proper fit the dress will be a suitable travelling costume.

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