Check List for First Aid

One hot-water bag, good for all pains and aches,

and a comfort when one is chilly.

One package pure ginger pulverized or ground, to

make hot ginger tea in case of chill, pains in the

bowels, or when you have met with an accidental

ducking or are wet through to the skin by rain.

Never mind if the tea does burn, ginger always

stings when helping one. Be a good sport, take

your medicine.

One box of charcoal tablets for dyspepsia or


One package bicarbonate of soda (baking-soda);

good for burns, sprinkle well with soda, see that

the burn is completely covered, then cover lightly

with cloth, and do not disturb it for a long time.

One bottle of ammonia well corked. Tie the cork

down firmly in the bottle (Fig. 32); a flannel

case or raffia covering will protect the glass

from breakage. Good to smell in case of faintness,

but care must be taken _not_ to hold it _too near_

the _nose_, as the ammonia might injure the

delicate membranes, as would also smelling-salts.

Safer to move the bottle or cloth wet with ammonia

slowly back and forth near the nose. Good also for

insect bites.

One roll of adhesive plaster. Cut into lengths for

holding covered ointment or poultice in place, the

strips criss-cross over the poultice, but are not

attached, the ends only are pressed on the bare

skin to which they firmly adhere.

Two rolls of 2-1/2 or 3 inch wide surgeon bandages

(not gauze) for general use where bandages are


One small package of absorbent cotton.

Two mustard plasters, purchased at drug store;

good for stomachache.

One package of powdered licorice to use as a

laxative. Dissolve a little licorice in water and

drink it. To keep the bowels open means to ward

off a host of evils. It is even more essential

that the inside of the body be kept clean than it

is to have the outside clean. To this end make a

practise of drinking a great deal of pure water;

drink it before breakfast, between meals (not at

meals), and before retiring. If you do this, you

will probably not need other laxative, especially

if you eat fruit either fresh or stewed. Fruit

should form part of every day's fare. _Keep your

bowels open._

One tube of Carron oil, to use for burns or


One small bottle of camphor, for headaches.

One small bag of salt--good dissolved in water, 1

teaspoonful to 1 pint of water, for bathing tired

or inflamed eyes, often effects a cure. Good for

bathing affected spots of ivy poison, good for

sore-throat gargle, also for nosebleed; snuff,

then plug nose. Good for brushing teeth. For all

these dissolve salt in water in proportion as

given above.

One white muslin 24-inch triangular bandage, for

arm sling or chest, jaw, and head bandage. A man's

large-sized white handkerchief can be used; never

bind broken skin with colored cloth.

One bottle of fly dope, warranted to keep off

pestiferous flies and mosquitoes. All these may be

kept in one-half of a linen case of pockets, your

toilet articles in the other half, and the case

can be opened out and hung to the side of your

tent or shelter.