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If you have a good-size length of canvas or other strong cloth, make a
camp-chair. For the back use two strong, forked stakes standing upright,
and use two long poles with branching stubs at equal distance from the
bottom, for the sides and front legs of the chair; in the crotches of
these stubs the bottom stick on which the canvas strip is fastened will

Each side pole must be fitted into one of the forked high-back stakes,
and then the top stick on the canvas strip must be placed in the same
crotches, but in front of and resting against the side poles, thus
locking the side poles firmly in place.

To fasten the canvas on the two sticks, cut one stick to fit across the
chair-back and the other to fit across the lower front stubs. Fold one
end of the canvas strip over one stick and nail the canvas on it, so
arranging the cloth that the row of nails will come on the under side of
the stick. Turn in the edge first that the nails may go through the
double thickness of cloth. Adjust this canvas-covered stick to the top
of the chair, allowing the cloth to form a loose hanging seat; measure
the length needed for back and seat, cut it off and nail the loose end
of the canvas strip to the other stick; then fit one stick in the top of
the upright back stakes and the other stick in the bottom stubs.

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