Check List of Toilet Articles

One comb, not silver-backed.

One hand-mirror to hang or stand up.

One tooth-brush in case.

One tube of tooth-paste, or its equivalent.

One nail-brush.

One cake of unscented toilet-soap.

Two cakes of laundry-soap.

One package of borax or secu
ely corked bottle of


One tube of cold-cream.

One baking-powder can of pure, freshly "tried out"

mutton tallow, made so by boiling in pure water

until melted, then allowed to cool and harden.

When taken from the water, again melted and, while

hot, strained through a clean cloth into the can.

Good to remove pitch and balsam-gum from the

hands, to use as cold-cream to soften the hands,

and excellent to water-proof the shoes.

One wash-cloth, washed, aired, and sunned every

day. In rainy weather, washed and dried.

Two hand towels, each washed as soon as soiled.

One bath towel, washed as soon as used.

One manicure-scissors.

One package sandpaper nail-files.

Two papers of hair-pins.

One paper of common pins, also little flat pocket

pincushion well filled around edge with pins.

Two papers of large-sized safety-pins.