A table can be built in much the same way as the seat and will answer

the purpose well if one of boards is not to be had. For the table make

your crosspieces about twenty-two inches long, nail them ladder-like but

close together on two poles, and make this table top flat on the surface

by covering it with birch bark tacked on smoothly. Having previously

fastened two other poles across from tree to tree, as you did when

making the seat, you can lift the table top and lay it on the two

foundation poles; then bind it in place and the table will be finished.

Another way of using the table top is to drive four strong, stout,

forked sticks into the ground for the four table legs and place the

table top across, resting the long side poles in the crotches of the

stakes, where they may be lashed in place.

Benches for the table can be made in like manner, only have the

forked-stick legs shorter, raising the seat about eighteen inches above

the ground.