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The most serviceable and practical dress for camping is a three-piece
suit, made of a fadeless, soft quality of gray or brown material.

The middy-blouse while loose can be well-fitting, with long sleeves
roomy enough to allow of pushing up above the elbow when desired. Sew
two small patch pockets high on the left breast--one for your watch, the
other for your compass; protect the pockets with flaps which fasten down
over the open top with dress snaps. On the right breast sew one
good-sized pocket.

In addition to these you will need one large pocket on both right and
left side of middy, below belt line, making in all three large and two
small pockets. The belt is held in place by sliding it through loops
sewed on the middy, one at the back and one on each side.

Make the skirt of this suit short enough for ease and of generous width,
not to draw at front, but give perfect freedom of the limbs. Have a seam
pocket in each side of the front breadth, and fasten the skirt down one
side from belt to hem. It can then be quickly removed and used as a cape
or a wind break when occasion requires. The bloomers, well-fitting and
comfortable, gathered below the knee with best quality of elastic, that
it may last, can have a deep pocket sewed across the front of each leg,
several inches conveniently below waist-line.


A soft, light-weight felt hat with brim sufficiently wide to shade the
eyes will prove the best head covering for the trail. Don't use hatpins;
your hat will cling to the head if you substitute a strip of woollen
cloth in place of the inside leather band. The clinging wool prevents
the hat from being readily knocked off by overhanging branches or blown
off on windy days.

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