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For every camper allow 1 tablespoonful of ground coffee, then 1 extra
spoonful for the pot. Put the dry coffee into the coffee-pot, and to
settle it add a crumbled egg-shell; then pour in a little cold water and
stir all together; when there are no egg-shells use merely cold water.
Add 1 cupful of cold water for each camper, and 2 for the pot, set the
coffee-pot over the fire and let it boil for a few moments, take it from
the fire and pour into the spout a little cold water, then place the
coffee where it will keep hot--not cook, but settle.


Allow 1 scant teaspoonful of tea for each person, scald the teapot,
measure the tea into the pot, and pour in as many cups of _boiling_
water as there are spoonfuls of tea, adding an extra cupful for the pot.
_Never_ let _tea boil_.

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