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Corn-Meal Mush

Category: Iii Camping

Corn-meal mush does not absolutely require fresh cream or milk when
served. It is good eaten with butter and very nourishing. Many like it
with maple-syrup or common molasses.

Time is required to make well-cooked mush; at least one hour will be
necessary. To 2 quarts of boiling, bubbling water add 1 teaspoonful of
salt, and very slowly, little by little, add 2 cups of corn-meal,
stirring constantly and not allowing the water to cease boiling. Do not
stop stirring until the mush has cooked about ten minutes. It may then
be placed higher up from the fire, where it will not scorch, and
_boiling_ water added from time to time as needed to keep the mush of
right consistency. The cold mush may be made into a tempting dish, if
sliced 1/2-inch thick and fried brown in pork fat. Many cold cooked
cereals can be treated in the same way; sprinkled with flour these will
brown better.

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