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Cross-Tie Parcel Knot

Category: Xi Useful Knots And How To Tie Them

When you have two or more parallel twines on your parcel and have begun
to bring down the cross-line, secure it to each twine in this way: Bring
the long twine down and loop it under the first twine to form a bight
as in _I_ (Fig. 66).

Then carry the long twine over, itself forming a loop (_J_), then under
the first twine as in _K_.

Draw tight and proceed to the second twine, making the same cross-tie.

When you have carried your cross-line entirely around the parcel, tie it
securely to the first twine where it began and finish with a single-tie
knot, making a knot on the last end of the twine close to the fastening,
to keep the end from slipping through.

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