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Color Values in Photographs

Category: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

Another thing to remember is that, unless in broad sunlight, green will
take dark and sometimes black; and brown or tan, being of the same color
value in the photograph, will mingle with and often be lost in the
background. If you are photographing a tawny animal, and most wild
animals are tawny, try to get it when in the sunlight with a dark or
flat background, or else against a background lighter in color than the
animal. For instance, a red squirrel or chipmunk will be lost amid, or
against, the foliage of a tree, but on a fence rail or fallen log it
will stand out distinctly.

If you have a chance at a beaver it will be near the water, of course.
Then the choice view will be where the water can form at least part of
the background. If the shore is at the back it may be difficult when the
print is made to find the beaver at all. In the interesting photograph
shown here the beaver is against the light trunk of the tree which shows
where he has gnawed it almost through. In all this the position of the
sun must be taken into account, but the rule of always having the sun at
your back, like most other rules, has its exceptions. I have found that
so long as the sun lights up the object, even when from one side, I can
secure a good picture; but I never allow it to strike the lens of the
camera, and I make sure that the subject is not silhouetted against its
background by having all the light at its back.

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