Stones, logs, stumps, raised outstanding roots of trees, and boxes, when

obtainable, must be your outdoor chairs, stools, and seats until others

can be made.

Two trees standing near together may be used to advantage as uprights

for a camp seat. Cut a small horizontal kerf or notch at the same height

on opposite sides of both trees, get two strong poles (green wood), fit

them in the wedges and nail them to the trees; then lash them firmly in

place. Be absolutely certain that these poles are of strong wood,

firmly attached to the trees and not liable to slide or break.

Make the seat by lashing sticks across from pole to pole, placing them

close together. Two more long poles, fastened to the trees at a proper

distance above the seat, would give a straight back, if a back is

desired, but it is not essential; with a folded blanket spread over it,

the seat alone is a luxury.