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Category: Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer

A salad of tender, young _dandelion_ leaves is not to be despised, and
the plant grows everywhere. Only the very young leaves, that come up
almost white in the spring, are good. The flavor is slightly bitter with
the wholesome bitterness one likes in the spring of the year. These
young leaves are also good when cooked like spinach. The plant is so
common it does not really call for a description, and if you know it you
can skip the following:

Growing low on the ground, sometimes with leaves lying flat on the
surface, the dandelion sends up a hollow, leafless stem crowned with a
bright-yellow, many-petalled flower about the size of a silver
fifty-cent piece. The seed head is a round ball of white down. The
leaves are deeply notched, much like thistle leaves, but they have no

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