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Count the Turns of the Key

Category: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

With your first roll of films it is well to learn and remember the
number of turns you must give the key to bring a new exposure into
place. With my camera which takes a four-by-five picture, five turns of
the key are necessary between the exposures. Knowing this, I count, and
when the fifth turn is reached I complete it slowly, watching carefully
the while for the new number to appear in the little red celluloid
window. In this way, even when hurried or excited, I do not lose an
exposure by turning the key once too often. Always remember to place a
new exposure _directly after_ taking a picture, to make sure that you
will not take two on one film. In making ready for a new subject count
again, for there are four things one must be sure of with most cameras
before taking a photograph, and by counting you will know if any have
been omitted:

(1) See that a fresh exposure is in place.

(2) See that the shutter is properly adjusted for
instantaneous (or time) exposure.

(3) See that diaphragm stop is set at the proper
opening for the light you will have.

(4) See that the distance is correctly focussed.

There are cameras, however, that are of universal focus and do not need
adjustment. These are convenient ones for the trail, as they are always
ready and can be used quickly. Being small, they are also light to

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