Camp Furnishings

--Dressing-Table, Seats, Dining-Table, Cupboard, Broom,

Chair, Racks, Birch-Bark Dishes, etc.

Camp is the place where girls enjoy most proving their powers of


It is fun to supply a want with the mere natural raw materials found in

the open, and when you succeed in making a useful article of outdoor

things, the entire camp takes a pride in your work and the simple but

practical and usable production gives a hundred per cent more pleasure

than could a store article manufactured for the same purpose.

Be comfortable at camp. While it is good to live simply in the open, it

is also good to be comfortable in the open, and with experience you will

be surprised to find what a delightful life can be lived at camp with

but few belongings and the simplest of camp furnishings. These last can,

in a great measure, be made of tree branches and the various stuffs

found in the woods.