Blindfold Obstacle Walk

Another amusing camp sport is the blindfold obstacle walk. Place six or

eight good-sized stones on the ground in a row, about two feet apart.

The stones should be flat on top so that you can stand a tin cup filled

with water on each stone. Let one member of the party make a trial trip

over the cups, stepping between them as she passes down the row; then

blindfold her, place two people as a guard, one on each side of her, to
r /> hold her hands and prevent a fall, and let them lead her to the end of

the line of cups and tell her to go over it again.

The guard will steady her in case she stumbles but must in no way guide

her course aright. The stepper will step high and be absurdly careful

not to kick over one of the cups, for wet feet would probably be the

result. Sometimes the stepper will leave the line of her own accord;

sometimes her guard will purposely, and without her knowing it, lead

her off the course and then her careful, high steps over nothing add to

the fun of the onlookers.

Any number may take part in the sport, and in turn act as stepper. At

the end a prize should be given by vote to the one who afforded the

greatest amusement.