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Blanket-Roll Pack

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Side-trips from camp for only one night's bivouac will not need a back
pack; the few articles required can be carried in your blanket-roll.
Spread the poncho out flat, rubber side down, then your blankets on top,
and group the things you intend to take into two separate oblong groups,
one on each side of the central space at one end of the blankets; push
the articles in each division closely together, leaving the space
between the divisions empty. Kneel in front of your blankets and begin
to roll all together tightly, taking care not to allow any of the duffel
to fall out. When the roll is complete, tie the centre with strong, soft
string, and also each end, and make a hoop of the roll by tying together
the hanging strings on the two ends. Wear the blanket-roll over left
shoulder, diagonally across back and chest to rest over right hip. If
you have forgotten a few items, tie the things to the bottom of the
blanket-roll and let them hang like tassels.

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