Blanket Bed

Two short logs will be required for your blanket bed, the thicker the

better, one for the head and one for the foot, also two long, strong,

green-wood poles, one for each side of the bed; your blanket will be the


Fold the blanket, making the seam, formed by bringing the two ends

together, run on the under-side along the centre of the doubled blanket,

not on the edge. Lap and fasten the blanket ends together with large

horse-blanket safety-pins, and with the same kind of pins make a case on

each side of the blanket fold; then run one of the poles through each

case. Chop a notch near each end of the two short logs; in these notches

place the ends of the poles and nail them securely. Have the short logs

thick enough to raise the bed up a few inches from the ground, and make

the notches sufficiently far apart to stretch the mattress out smooth,

not have it sag. A strip of canvas or khaki may be used in place of the

blanket if preferred.