Camp Dinner

Counting on a keen outdoor appetite for wholesome substantials, the

provision list includes only plain fare, such as: Lamb chops, or thinly

sliced bacon packed in oil-paper. Dry cocoa to which sugar has been

added, carried in can or stout paper bag. One can of condensed milk,

unsweetened, to be diluted with water according to directions on can.

Butter in baking-powder can. Dry flour mixed with salt and baking-powder

in required proportions for flapjacks, packed in strong paper bag and

carried in one of the tin pails. Bread in loaf wrapped in wax-paper.

Potatoes washed and dried ready to cook, packed in paper bag or carried

in second tin pail. Pepper and salt each sealed in separate marked

envelopes; when needed, perforate paper with big pin and use envelopes

as shakers. One egg for batter, buried in the flour to prevent breaking,

and one small can of creamy maple sugar, soft enough to spread on hot

cakes, or a can of ordinary maple syrup.