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Bow-Line Knot

Category: Xi Useful Knots And How To Tie Them

To form a loop that will not slip and yet may be easily untied use the
bow-line knot.

(1) When the loop is not fastened to anything use the _overhand method_
of tying it. First measure off sufficient rope for the loop you wish
to make and hold the place with your left hand (this place is indicated
by the arrow in Fig. 56); then with your right hand throw the short end
of the rope over the long rope (Fig. 56). Still holding the short end
with your right hand, with the left hand bring the long rope up to form
a loop over the end (Fig. 57). Now with your right hand take up the end,
draw it farther through the loop, and pass it behind the long rope above
the loop, from right to left (Fig. 58). Bring the end forward again and
slip it downward through the loop (Fig. 59). Draw the knot tight and it
cannot slip, no matter how great the strain.

(2) Use the _underhand method_ when the loop is passed _around_
something or _through_ a ring. This loop may be put around the neck of a
horse or cow without danger of injury, for it will not slip and tighten.
It can also be used in place of the hitching tie.

Slip the rope through the ring, or around the object, from left to right
while you hold the long rope in your left hand. Take a half-hitch around
the long rope, passing the end _over_ the long rope, then under it. This
makes a loop like Fig. 60. Transfer this loop from the short rope to the
long rope by holding loosely, or giving slack, with the left hand and
pulling up with the right. A little practise will enable you to do this
easily. Fig. 61 shows the loop transferred to the long rope with the
short end passing through it. At this stage carry the short end over,
then under the long rope _below_ the loop (Fig. 62), then up and through
the loop as in Fig. 63. Tighten the knot by pulling on both the long
rope and the short end.

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