Shutter Speed

To photograph objects in rapid motion such as flying birds, the speed of

your shutter must be at least one three-hundredths of a second and you

must have a fast lens; but with a shutter speed of one one-hundredth I

have taken very good pictures of things moving at a moderate rate. A

walking or slowly running animal, for instance, can be taken with a

shutter speed of one one-hundredth. You should find out the speed of the

shutter when you buy your camera, then you will not throw away films on

things beyond its possibilities. "You press the button and we'll do the

rest" doesn't work where moving objects are concerned.

Those who go a-gunning with the camera, stalk their game as carefully as

any hunter with a gun, and for really good results the following method

is the safest to adopt. Time and patience are required, but one does not

mind giving these, the interest is so absorbing and the successful

picture so well worth while.