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Song Sparrow

Category: Vii Wild Food On The Trail

The little song sparrow loves the open and the hot summer sunshine.
Trailing along a country road at midday, when most of the other birds
are still, you will find the song sparrow sitting on a rail fence
singing with undiminished enthusiasm.

To make friends with the birds provide food and water for them, then sit
down and wait quietly until they appear. Let them become accustomed to
seeing you sitting still every day for a while, then begin slow, careful
movements, gradually becoming more natural, and in time the birds will
allow you to walk among them as you please, if you are careful never to
frighten them. You can do this in camp; you can do it at home if you are
not living in a city. The trustful friendship of animals and birds opens
a new path of happiness and one that all girls should be able, in some
measure, to enjoy.

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