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Select your stockings with care. Let them be of wool, strong, soft, and
absolutely satisfactory when the shoe is on. The aim of the entire camp
dress is to have it so comfortable and well adapted to outdoor life that
you will forget it; think no more of it than a bird does of its
feathers. When woollen stockings are worn, wet feet are not apt to give
one cold, for the feet do not become chilled even when it is necessary
to stand in the reedy edge of a mountain lake or stream. If, however,
you cannot wear wool, use cotton stockings. Remember that wool often
shrinks in the wash. Allow for this when purchasing goods, though it is
said, on reliable authority, that if laundered with care the garments
will not shrink.

When washing woollen underwear use very soapy, cool water (not icy) with
addition of a little borax, or ammonia, if you have either, and do not
rub soap directly on wool; it mats the little fibres and this causes
the wool to shrink. For the same reason avoid rubbing the garments if
possible during the cleansing process. All that is usually necessary is
to squeeze and souse them well, then rinse in water of the same
temperature; do not wring the things; squeeze them and hang them up to
dry. Changes of temperature in the water when washing wool will cause
the wool to shrink. To alternate between cold and warm, hot and lukewarm
water will surely cause the clothing to grow much smaller and stiffer;
keep both wash and rinse water either cold or lukewarm; cold is safer.

Allow no one to persuade you to take old clothes to camp; they will soon
need mending and prove a torment.

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