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Square Knot

Category: Xi Useful Knots And How To Tie Them

This is probably what you would at first call a hard knot, and so it is
a hard knot to come untied of itself or to slip, but it is easy to untie
when necessary. The hard knot most people tie is not quite the same as
the square knot, though it does resemble it.

The ordinary hard knot is what is known as the _granny_ knot, a slurring
name which means a failure. The granny knot will not always stay tied,
it often slips and it cannot be trusted when absolute security is

Begin the _square knot_ with the single first tie (Fig. 49). You see the
end _X_ turns up _over_ the other rope while the end _O_ laps _under_
the rope. Now bring the two ends together, lapping _X over O_ (Fig. 50).
Then pass _X_ back under _O_, making the single tie once more. Now
compare what you have done with Fig. 51. Notice in the drawing that the
ends of rope _X_ are _both over_ the right-hand bight, and the ends of
rope _O_ are _both under_ the left-hand bight. Draw the square knot
tight and it looks like Fig. 52.

You cannot make a mistake in tying the square knot if you remember to
notice which end is on top, or laps _over_ the other rope when the first
single tie is made (Fig. 49), and then be sure to lap this _same end
over_ the other end in making the second tie which finishes the knot.

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