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_Keep your camp scrupulously clean._ Do not litter up the place, your
health and happiness greatly depend upon observing the laws of hygiene.
Make sure after each meal that all kitchen refuse is collected and
deposited in the big garbage hole, previously dug for that purpose, and
well covered with a layer of fresh earth.

_Impress upon your mind that fresh earth is a disinfectant and keeps
down all odors._

Erect a framework with partially open side entrance for a retiring-room.
Use six strong forked-topped poles planted in an irregular square as
uprights (Fig. 28), and across these lay slender poles, fitting the ends
well into the forked tops of the uprights (Fig. 28). Half-way down from
the top, place more cross poles, resting them on the crotches left on
the uprights. Have these last cross poles as nearly the same distance
from the ground as possible and over them hang thick branches, hooking
the branches on by the stubs on their heavy ends. Also hang thickly
foliaged branches on the top cross poles, using the stubs where smaller
branches have been lopped off as hooks, as on the lower row (Fig. 29);
then peg down the bottom ends of the hanging branches to the ground with
sharpened two-pronged crotches cut from branches. The upper row of
branches should overlap the under row one foot or more. Make the seat by
driving three stout stakes firmly into the ground; two at the back, one
in front, and on these nail three crosspieces.

Never throw dish water or any refuse near your tent or on the camp

_Burn_ or _bury_ all trash, remembering that earth and fire are your
good servants, and with their assistance you can have perfect camp
cleanliness, which will go a long way toward keeping away a variety of
troublesome flies and make camp attractive and wholesome.

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