The bite of a poisonous snake is by all means to be avoided, and the

point is: you almost always can avoid it. With all the snakes in the

United States, Doctor William T. Hornaday, director of the Zoological

Park of New York City, tells us that out of seventy-five million people

not more than two die each year of snake-bites.

Snakes are not man-hunters; they will not track you down; they much

prefer to keep out of your way. What you have to do is to keep out of

theirs. In a region where poisonous snakes abound it is well to wear

khaki leggins as a protection in case you inadvertently step too near

and anger the creatures, for in such cases they sometimes strike before

you have time to beat a retreat. According to Doctor Hornaday, the

poisonous snakes of North America are:

The rattlesnake,



Sonora coral-snake,

Harlequin snake.