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Category: Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer

Smudges are said to afford relief in camp, but my own experience has
been that the insects can stand them better than I. A smudge is made by
burning things that make little flame and much smoke. Dead leaves, not
too dry, will make a fairly good smudge, but a better way is to burn
damp cedar bark, or branches, on piles of hot coals taken from the
camp-fire and kept alive at different sides of the camp.

The accounts of extreme suffering caused by insect bites come from
unusually sensitive people. All people are not affected alike. Two
persons from one camp will tell entirely different stories of their
experience with insects. The best way to encounter these, as all other
annoyances, is to protect yourself as well as you can and then, without
whimpering, make the best of the situation. All the pests described will
not fall upon you at once, and, taken singly or even doubly, you will
manage to survive the ordeal. If the pleasure of the trail did not
over-balance the pain there would be fewer campers to relate their

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