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Selecting a Camera

Category: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

In selecting a camera remember that every ounce in weight counts as two
when on the long trail, and that to have to carry it in your hand is
most troublesome and inconvenient. The folding camera, which can be hung
over your shoulder with a strap, is therefore the best; and do not try
to carry plates, they are too heavy. It is of little use to consult the
clerk of a photographic supply shop about the style of camera you should
buy. As a rule he is not chosen for his knowledge of the goods, and his
advice may be worse than none. The better plan is to secure descriptive
catalogues from dealer or manufacturer before investing, and study them
well. The catalogues will tell you the price, the size, the weight, and
_what kind of work_ each variety of camera will do, and you will learn
the advantages and limitations of many before deciding upon one.

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