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Category: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

Then come the songs. If there is some one in the party who can lead in
singing, she can use a familiar air with a rousing chorus as a frame
upon which to hang impromptu verses, made up of personalities and local
hits. This is always fun and you are surprised how quickly doggerel
rhymes suggest themselves when your turn comes to furnish a verse to the

The leader begins something like this, using, perhaps, the air and
refrain of an old chantey or college song.

"I spotted a beaver,
But he wasn't very nye."

"Don't you rock so hard!"

_Second Soloist_
"His fur was all ragged
And he had but one eye."

"Don't you rock so hard.
Oh! You rock and I rock, and
Don't you rock so hard!
Everybody rocks when I rock, and
Don't you rock so hard."

_Third Soloist_
"You may laugh at the beaver,
But he's always up to time."

"Don't you rock so hard!"

_Fourth Soloist_
"Oh, do drop the beaver,
And start a new rhyme."

_Chorus as before_

A song like this may go on indefinitely or until the rhyming powers of
the party are exhausted.

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