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Category: Iv What To Wear On The Trail

Wear low-heeled, high-laced shoes of stout leather and easy fit. Make
them water-proof by giving the leather a good coat of hot, melted mutton
tallow, completely covering the shoes and working the tallow into all
crevices. Be sure to do this, as it is worse than useless to depend upon
rubber overshoes when trailing; sharp stones cut, and roots, twigs, and
underbrush tear the rubber, with the result that the overshoes soon fill
with water and your feet swim in little lakes. Test your shoes well
before taking them to camp, be perfectly satisfied that they are
comfortable and well-fitting, wear them steadily for one week or more.
It is very unwise to risk new shoes on the trail, and it is of the
utmost importance that the feet be kept in good condition. Be kind to
your feet.

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