Sheep-Shank Knot

It is sometimes necessary to shorten a rope temporarily and not

desirable to cut it, and the sheep-shank knot solves the problem. It

is used by the sailors, who do not believe in cutting ropes. It will

stand a tremendous strain without slipping, but will loosen when held

slack, and can be untied by a quick jerk of the two outside ropes

forming the bights.

Begin by bending the rope to form two bights as in _A_, Fig. 64, carry

the single rope over at the top of the bend, then under to form a

half-hitch as in _B_. Do the same with the other single rope at the

bottom of the bend _C_, and draw both ends tight (_D_). With a little

practise this can be done very quickly. If the rope is to be permanently

shortened pass the ends through the first and second bights at the bend

as in _E_, and the knot will hold for any length of time.