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Packing Provisions

Categories: V Outdoor Handicraft

You can make or buy separate tube bags of different heights, but all of

the same diameter, and pack flour in one, corn-meal in another, and so

on, having each bag labelled and all, when filled, fitted in one

duffel-bag; you will find these bags a great comfort. They should be of

water-proof canvas with draw-string at the top. You can purchase

friction-top cans for butter, etc., of varying depth to accommodate

quantities which will fit well in the large provision bag.

A duffel-bag is usually made cylindrical in form with a disk of the

cloth sewed in tight at one end, and the other end closed with

draw-strings. It is well to have another cloth disk attached to one spot

at the top of the bag, to cover the contents before the draw-strings are


A great variety of desirable camp packs, including duffel-bags,

pack-straps, harness, and tump-lines, may be purchased at the

camp-outfitter's; investigate before deciding upon home-made camp packs.

Pack-baskets can also be obtained, but all the good-sized pack-baskets I

have seen, while attractive in appearance, are too rigid, bulky,

sharp-edged, and heavy to be of use to girl campers.

Having decided that the wilderness is the place to locate, unless you

can manage to camp with very little in the way of extra packs, you will

be obliged to employ a guide to assist in the carry, possibly two

guides, as wilderness trails do not permit of a vehicle, or even a mule

or horse, being used to help in the portage.

Should your camp be on a more accessible site, the easy portage can be

taken advantage of and the problem readily solved; but the charm of the

real forest camp with all its possibilities for genuine life in the

wilderness more, far more, than compensates for the extra difficulties

in reaching camp. Really, though, the very difficulties are but part of

the sport; they give zest and add to the fun of the trail.