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Look at the Date on Your Film

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Even the best photographer cannot take good photographs unless he has

good films. On the box of every roll of films is stamped the latest date

when it may be safely developed and it is foolish to try to have a film

developed after that date has passed. When you buy your films be sure

they are fresh ones and that the date insures you ample time; one year

ahead is none too long.

Do not open the box or take the wrappings from a roll of films until you

are ready to load your camera. Then save both box and wrappings, and

when your films have been exposed, use them for covering the roll again.

Keep the wrapped and boxed rolls in a dark place until they can be

developed. Dampness will spoil both films and plates. If you are in a

damp climate, or on shipboard, keep them in a tin box, tightly closed.