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Photographing the Trail

Categories: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

You can get a good picture of the trail with a snap-shot when it is in

the open, but a forest trail must have time exposure. When your eyes

have become accustomed to the dim light of the woods it will not seem

dark, and you will be tempted to try a snap-shot because it is easier,

but if you do you may certainly count that a lost film. It is not

possible to hold your camera in your hands and succeed with a time

exposure of over one second. The beating of your heart will jar it, a

breath will make it move, so some kind of a rest must be found as when

taking the animals with bulb exposure. If the light is very dim first

set the lever controlling the shutter at the point _T_ (time), then set

the lever for the diaphragm at No. 16, press the bulb, and allow from

fifteen to twenty seconds', or even thirty seconds', exposure.