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No-see-um. Punky. Midge

Categories: Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer

There is another pest of the North Woods which the guides call the

no-see-um. It is a very diminutive midge resembling the mosquito in

form and viciousness, but so small as to be almost invisible. Night and

day are the same to the no-see-um; its warfare is continuous and its

bite very annoying, but it disappears with the black-fly in July or

August. By September the mountains and woods are swept clear of all

these troublesome things, except at times and in some places the

ever-hungry mosquito, which will linger on for a last bite in his summer


The only way to relieve the irritation caused by the bites of these

pests, including the mosquito, is to bathe the affected parts with

camphor, alcohol, or diluted ammonia. When there are but one or two

bites they may be touched with strong ammonia, but it will not do to use

this too freely, as it will burn the skin.