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Obstacle Races

Categories: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

Competitive sports are always entertaining, and races, of one kind or

another, are the most exciting. The Boy Scouts have a race in which the

competitors drop first their staffs, then their hats, their neckties,

leggins, and, finally struggling out of the blouse of their uniform,

they drop that also. All this must be done while on the way and before

they cross a given line. At the line they turn to go back over the

se and, while running, take up their various belongings and put them

on before they reach the home goal.

A race planned on these lines will be most amusing. A smooth course is

not necessary, you probably won't have it at camp, and to get over the

uneven ground, with the detentions of first dropping, then picking up

the articles dropped, will add to the excitement of the sport. An

entertaining variation of this will be to have those taking part in the

race appear in impromptu costumes (worn over the ordinary dress) which

they must remove piece by piece as they run and put the things all on

again while returning over the course. Such hastily adjusted costumes

cannot help but be funny.