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Mountain Raspberry, Cloudberry

Categories: Vii Wild Food On The Trail

The usual home of the mountain raspberry, or cloudberry, is on the

mountain-tops among the clouds. You will find it in the White Mountains

and on the coast of Maine, and it has recently been discovered at

Montauk Point, L. I. The fruit has a pleasant flavor of a honey-like

sweetness. The receptacle of the berry is broad and flat, the color is

yellow touched with red where exposed to the sun. It does not grow in

clusters like the other raspberries, but is solitary. The leaves are

roundish with from five to nine lobes, something like the leaves of the

geranium. The plant grows low, is without prickles, and the solitary

flowers are white. In the far north, where it is found in great

profusion, the cloudberry is made into delicious jam.