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Fireman's Lift

Category: Xii Accidents

To be able to use the fireman's lift may be to save a life, as it can be
employed when there is but one person to do the carrying. With
practise any girl of ordinary strength can lift and carry another of her
own size or even larger.

In order to make the lift easy, instruct the patient to relax all her
muscles and become perfectly limp; then turn her on her face, stand over
her body with one foot at each side, face toward the patient's head.
Lean forward and place your hands under her arms, then gently raise her
to her knees, next slide your hands quickly down around her body at the
low waist-line, lifting her at the same time to her feet. Immediately
grasp her right wrist with your left hand, and pass your head under her
right arm and your right arm under one or both of her knees, shifting
the patient's hips well on your shoulders, rise to a standing position
and carry patient away.

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