You will learn to dive merely for the joy of the quick plunge into cool

waters, but there are times when to understand diving may mean the

saving of your own or some one else's life, and no matter how suddenly

or unexpectedly you are cast into the water by accident, you will retain

your self-possession and be able to strike out and swim immediately.

One should never dive into unknown water if it can be avoided, but as

the trail all water is likely to be unknown, investigate it well before

diving and look out for hidden rocks. Do not dive into shallow water;

that is dangerous. If you are to dive from the bank some distance above

the water, stand on the edge with your toes reaching over it. Extend

your arms, raise them, and duck your head between with your arms,

forming an arch above, your ears covered by your arms. Lock your thumbs

together to keep your hands from separating when they strike the water.

Bend your knees slightly and spring from them, but straighten them

immediately so that you will be stretched full length as you enter the

water. As soon as your body is in the water curve your back inward, lift

your head up, and make a curve through the water to the surface.