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Game birds can be baked in the embers. Have ready a bed of red-hot coals
covered with a thin layer of ashes, and after drawing the bird, dip it
in water to wet the feathers; then place it on the ash-covered red
coals, cover the bird with more ashes, and heap on quantities of red
coals. If the bird is small it should be baked in about one-half hour.
When done strip off the skin, carrying feathers with it, and the bird
will be clean and appetizing. Birds can also be roasted in the bean-pot
hole, but in this way, they must first be picked, drawn, and rinsed
clean; then cut into good-sized pieces and placed in the pot with fat
pork, size of an egg, for seasoning; after pouring in enough water to
cover the meat, fasten the pot lid on securely and bury the pot in the
glowing hot hole under a heap of red-hot coals. Cover with earth, the
same as when baking beans.

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