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Getting in the Canoe

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Never allow any one to get into your canoe or to sit on it when it is
out of the water. That is harder on it than many days of actual use.
When you are to get aboard your canoe, bring it up broadside to the
shore and put one foot exactly in the middle, then carefully place the
other beside it and sit down quickly, but with care to keep your
balance. If there is no one to hold the canoe for you, use your paddle
to steady yourself by pushing it down to the bottom on the side away
from shore. This will keep the canoe from slipping away from under you
while you are stepping in. One of the first things to learn in
canoeing is to preserve your balance; even a slight lurch to one side or
the other must be avoided. Make every necessary movement cautiously and
do not look backward unless absolutely necessary. Never attempt to
change places with any one while in the canoe. If the change must be
made, land and change there.

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