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Harlequin Snake and Coral-Snake

Category: Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer

The harlequin snake and the coral-snake are so similar in color and in
habits, one description for both will answer our purpose. They are
southern snakes, beginning in southern Indiana and extending south. They
are quite poisonous, but of such retiring habits as hardly to be classed
as dangerous. Most of their time is spent hidden under the sand and in
the ground, but when they do come out their colors are so brilliant as
not to be mistaken. On the harlequin snake the colors are bright
coral-red, yellow, and black, which alternate in stripes that encircle
the body. Its head is always banded with a broad yellow stripe. The
coral-snake is much the same in color, and only a close observer would
notice the difference. The coral-snake is also found in Arizona.

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