Dwarf Blueberry

Perhaps the most satisfactory of all berries when one is really hungry

is the blueberry, of which there are several varieties. The _dwarf

blueberry_ is probably the most common. It is the earliest of the

blueberries to ripen and grows in the thin, sandy, and rocky soil which

is spurned by most other plants. You will find it upon barren hillsides,

in rocky fields, and in dry pine woods. The berries are round, blue,

the size of peas, and are covered with bloom like the grape. They

grow in thick clusters at the end of the branch and are tipped with fine

calyx teeth. The seeds are so small as to be almost unnoticed and the

soft ripe berry will bruise easily.

The flavor of all blueberries has a nutty quality which seems to give

the berry more substance as a food. The leaf is rather narrow and

pointed at each end; the under side is a lighter green than the upper

and both are glossy. In the fall the leaves turn red and drop easily.

The bush is low and the branches usually covered with small, white dots.