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The Hawk Trap


Our illustration represents a hawk in a sad plight. The memory of

a recent feast has attracted it to the scene of many of

its depredations: but the ingenious farmer has at last outwitted

his feathered foe and brought its sanguinary exploits to a timely

end. This trap is a Yankee invention and has been used with great

success in many instances where the hawk has become a scourge to the

poultry yard. The contrivance is clearly shown in an illustration,

consisting merely of a piece of plank two feet square, set with

stiff perpendicular pointed wires.

This affair was set on the ground in a conspicuous place, the board

covered with grass, and the nice fat Poland hen which was tied to

the centre proved a morsel too tempting for the hawk to resist.

Hence the fell swoop and the fatal consequences depicted in our

illustration. The owl has also been successfully captured by the

same device.