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The Figure Four Ground Snare


For simplicity in construction there are few snare traps which

can compare with this variety, although it is somewhat similar

to those last mentioned, and like them, catches by the feet. The

trap consists of three pieces. A catch piece about three inches

long, a bait stick of about six inches, and a stout crotch of the

proportionate size shown in our illustration, a glance at which

will make the setting too clear to need description. Be careful

that the bait stick is set fine and rests just beneath the

tip of the catch-piece so that a mere touch on the bait will

release it. Arrange the noose as in the instance last described,

and bait either as therein directed or with an apple or nubbin

of corn, as our accompanying cut indicates. Always remembering

that the noose should be sufficiently large to require the birds

to step inside of it in order to reach the bait.