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The Improved Springle


The accompanying cut illustrates an improvement on the last mentioned

trap, whereby it can be used for the capture of larger game, and

with most excellent success. In place of the spreader a crotched

stick is used, the crotch of which catches around the peg, the other

end being supplied with a notch as in the case of the spreader.

On the upper side of this stick a small pasteboard platform is

tacked, over which and ben
ath which the bait is thrown. Instead

of the arc, a stout crotch stick is substituted. The noose should

be at least ten inches in diameter and constructed of sucker wire.

It should be arranged on the ground around the bait and inside

of the peg. When the snare is set, the crotched end of the bait

stick will thus rest near the earth, the notched end only being

lifted in order to reach the catch piece. It is well to insert

a few small sticks inside the edge of the noose in order to keep

it in correct position. If properly set, the quail or partridge

in approaching the trap will have to step inside the noose in order

to reach the bait, and while thus regaling itself with a choice meal

of oats, berries, or other delicacies, will be sure to press upon the

bait stick either by pecking, or treading upon it, and will thus set

the catch piece free, only to find itself secured by a grasp from

which he will never escape alive. This is a very effectual snare;

but on account of its securing its victim by the legs and thus

torturing them to death, it is to be deprecated. We would recommend

in preference, those varieties already described as being fully as

successful, and far less cruel. They effect almost instant death,

either by broken necks or strangulation, and are in this regard

among the most humane traps on record.