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The Hook Trap


Our second example is one which we are almost tempted to exclude

on account of its cruelty, but as our volume is especially devoted

to traps of all kinds and as this is a variety in very common use,

we feel bound to give it a passing notice. Our illustration fully

conveys its painful mode of capture, and a beach at low water is

generally the scene of the slaughter. A long stout cord is first

stretched across the sand and secured

to a peg at each end. To this shorter lines are attached at intervals,

each one being supplied with a fish hook baited with a piece of

the tender rootstock of a certain water reed, of which the ducks

are very fond. The main cord and lines are then imbedded in the

sand, the various baits only appearing on the surface, and the

success of the device is equal to its cruelty.