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Hunting the Quail

Categories: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

This is something like the old game of hide-and-seek, with which all

girls are familiar, and it will not be difficult to learn. The players

are divided into "hunter" and "quails." The hunter is "It," and any

counting-out rhyme will decide who is to take that part. When the

hunter, with closed eyes, has counted her hundred, and the quails have

scurried away to their hiding-places behind trees, bushes, or rocks, the

hunt begins, and at the same time begins the cry of the quails:

"Bob-White! Bob-White! Bob-White!" These calls, coming from every

direction, are very bewildering, and the hunter must be alert to detect

the direction of one particular sound and quick to see the flight of a

quail and catch her before she can reach the home goal and find shelter

there. The first quail caught becomes hunter in her turn, and the noisy,

rollicking game continues as long as the players wish. Another romping

game is called