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Served hot, split open and buttered, these Kentucky johnny-cakes with a

cup of good coffee make a fine, hearty breakfast, very satisfying and


Allow 1/2 cup of corn-meal for each person, and to every 4 cups of meal

add 1 teaspoonful of salt, mix well; then pour water, which is _boiling

hard_, gradually into the meal, stirring constantly to avoid having any

lumps. When the consistency is like soft mus
, have ready a frying-pan

almost full of _hot_ drippings or lard, dip your hands into cold water

to enable you to handle the hot dough, and, taking up enough corn-meal

dough to make a _large_-sized biscuit, pat it in your hands into a

3/4-inch-thick cake and gently drop it into the hot fat; immediately

make another cake, drop it into the fat, and continue until the

frying-pan is full. As soon as one johnny-cake browns on the lower side

turn it over, remove each cake from the fat as soon as done, and serve

as they cook.

Corn-meal must be thoroughly scalded with boiling water when making any

kind of corn bread in order to have the bread soft and not dry and


For baked corn bread add 2 full teaspoons of baking-powder and stir in 2

eggs, after 4 cups of meal and 1 teaspoonful of salt have been

thoroughly scalded and allowed to cool a little. Pour this corn-meal

dough into a pan which has been generously greased, and bake.

Corn-meal needs a hot oven and takes longer to bake than wheat-flour