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Categories: Iii Camping

Whether your camp is to be for one day, one week, or a longer period of

time, the first question to be decided is: "Where shall we go?" If you

know of no suitable spot, inquire of friends, and even if they have not

personally enjoyed the delights of camping and sleeping in the open, one

or more of them will probably know of some acquaintance who will be glad

to give the information. Write to the various newspapers, magazines,

railroads, and outdoor societies for suggestions. The Geological Survey

of the United States at Washington, D. C., will furnish maps giving

location and extent of forests and water-ways, also location and

character of roads; you can obtain the maps for almost any part of every

State. Most public automobile houses supply maps of any desired region.

Send letters of inquiry to these sources of information, and in this way

you will probably learn of many "just the right place" localities.

Select a number of desirable addresses, investigate them, and make your

own choice of location, remembering that the first three essentials for

a camp are good ground, water, and wood; the rest is easy, for these

three form the foundation for camping.